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WINDEX wind indicator

Accurate and direct display of wind direction

Blog: What is the best shackle for my rope?

We often get questions which shackle to choose because there is a big variety of shapes, sizes and materials. 


Premium Loop Connector for halyards, sheets and other lines

Antal Blocks

High Load snatchblocks for sailing

Is my rope made from Dyneema or polyester?

How do I recognise the material of my sheets and halyards?

Stitched whipping

How to (neatly) finish rope ends using stiched whipping as rope finish.

Eco Cruiser

The Premium Ropes Eco Cruiser is the shining result of our continuous development efforts combined with our sustainability goals.

Loos Tension Gauge

The Blue Wave Rope eye terminals are a simple and strong solution for making synthetic rigging.

Splicing instruction

Dyneema® fibre loop with cover- strong.

Which diameter are my ropes?

How do you measure the diameter?

Rope terminals

The Blue Wave Rope eye terminals are a simple and strong solution for making synthetic rigging.

Finish ropes

Using a stitched whipping

D-Splicer Soft Fid

The D-Splicer Soft Fid is a strong and easy to use splicing fid for ropes. 

Online workshop Splicing Modern Ropes

We will teach you the essential skills and knowledge that you need for all the ropes on board  ⏤ just do the course.

Tylaska shackles

These are the best sailing shackles you can buy.


Keep your splicing tools neatly organized in the D-Pouch.

Continuous Pro

This is our beautiful Continuous Pro! As the name indicates, this rope can be spliced endlessly, without becoming thicker.

Halyard pucks

Proud to announce that we will be selling these amazing halyard pucks from Kingspoke custom. We can deliver them from stock!

Eco Cup

The Eco Cup is the first high performance rope within our Eco Ropes range. 

What is the difference between Dyneema and polyester ropes?

Dyneema® and polyester are the two most commonly used materials in sailing ropes.


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