Series 40 Ball Bearing Orbit Block Fiddle RF45501

De Ronstan Orbit blokken zijn extreem licht en sterk door hun "Dual Stage bearing" oftwel dubbele lagering. Bij lage belastingen draait de schijf op de kogellagering, en bij hoge belastingen schakelt het blok over naar glijlagering waardoor de ballen ontlast worden.
De blokken zijn zowel met een dyneema loop uitgevoerd. De dyneema loop zorgt voor een juiste uitlijning van het blok en beschadigd de boot niet.
Lijndiameter: 9mm schijfdiameter: 40mm breekbelasting: 700kg werkbelasting: 325kg
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Ronstan Series 40 Ball Bearing Orbit Block Fiddle

Easily fitted and securely retained Dyneema® Link head
Convert to a becket version by adding a Dyneema® link

Fiddle block flexibitlity
Becket fiddle blocks use a Dyneema Link attachment for the sheet termination and are suitable for both spliced and un-spliced lines. If you need additional purchase, a becket take-off can be simply added to any fiddle block version just by adding a Dyneema Link.

Dyneema link specialties
To gain peak performance, we engineered out the heavy steel load straps, head post, shackle, full-Length fasteners, and cleating accessories. Through extensive research and development, we replaced virtually all metal components with high-tech polymers and fibre equivalents. The Dyneema Link is produced from FSE Robline SK75 fibre, which is 10 times stronger and lighter than steel, and provides the final connection from the block to the load point. The flexible Dyneema Link provides controlled rotation and 0° or 90° orientation. It connects directly to the head of the block rather than to an intermediate head post. This reduces Weight and gives the lowest possible profile while allowing full articulation. Beckets have been carefully designed to minimise height. It is easily fitted and is retained securely by a moulded retainer clip. The flexible link can be left with one end attached to the block when fitting - no more lost shackle pins. The system is compatible with Dyneema Spectra strops, webbing and carbon connection points - much more so than steel loop tops or shackles.

Rope/Link - UV stabilised, multi-strand impregnated SK75 Dyneema®
More Information
Serie Series 40 Orbit
Type blok Viool
Aantal schijven 2
Lager Kogellager
Max lijndikte 9 mm
Wartel Nee
Klem Nee
Ratel Nee
Breeksterkte (kg) 700
Veilige belasting (kg) 325

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