Splitstape D-Splicer

Gebruik deze speciale tape bij het splitsen van lijnen
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Tape for splicing works with ropes

Special adhesive tape to assist when splicing ropes or with other ropework. Developed by the D-Splicer team it is a must-have for every splicing bag.
The D-Splicer Splicing Tape is very smooth on the outside, extremely thin and tear-resistant at the same time. The adhesive is optimized for ropes and fibres and even sticks to (coated) Dyneema or Stirotex fibres. This splicetape can be removed without problems.

Technical Details of the D-Splicer Tape

  • Length: 66m tape on each roll
  • Width: 20mm
  • fits on large tape rollers (desk version) - inner diameter 76mm

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